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A senior executive with over a decade's management experience in technology companies, from engineering right up to executive level. I provide outsourced management expertise to SMEs and startups in the hi-tech, digital and telecoms industries. A native of Ukraine, I obtained bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics before gaining experience with leading telecoms firms in network planning and service management,
culminating in a position managing all network operations for Vega Telecoms, the largest alternative fixed-line operator in Ukraine. I then moved to SMTP, Inc. of Boston, USA, as Operations Director, where I'm also a member of the Executive Committee. I speak excellent English and basic French, as well as my native Russian and Ukrainian. For a summary of the types of expertise I can deliver, please see Services.


Chief Executive Officer

In fast-moving hi-tech industries, the role of CEO demands a unique mix of abilities. A good CEO must be a mentor as well as a leader; a listener as well as a visionary; an artist as well as an engineer. As your CEO, I can help you achieve performance, innovation and profit. My career has seen me progress rapidly from engineer to operations manager and on to executive-level director.
Along the way, I gained a deep insight into the way hi-tech services are designed, managed and delivered. I learned how to oversee managers and teams, set strategic direction and manage change. By choosing me as your CEO, you gain the full benefit of all my experience at a fraction of the price of a full-time appointment.

Chief Operations Officer

On one level, the COO makes sure that a firm's operations run smoothly and efficiently, delivering maximum business benefit. But they also look outward and forward, building the systems and processes that will support and sustain tomorrow's growth. I have the proven ability to manage operations at the highest level for some of the world's leading telecoms operators. At Vega Telecoms I managed network operations for over 800,000 subscriber lines.
At SMTP, Inc. I developed a messaging platform to handle over a million messages an hour and also oversaw company operations, including managerial and budgetary oversight. By hiring me as COO, you can tap into the same operational expertise without the expense, and I'll deliver hands-on management know-how to take your operations to the next level.

Chief Technology Officer

The role of CTO requires a range of skills: detailed technical knowledge, team management, technology development and service delivery. My experience extends across all these areas. I began my career as an engineer, troubleshooting telecom networks. Over the next eight years I created and managed national wireless networks, operations centers and technological service platforms.
Throughout that time, I've consistently demonstrated that I can deliver effective, commercially focused technological innovations. When you engage me as CTO, you can leverage my skills to design and deliver future-focused products and services that are deeply rooted in technical know-how.

Board Member

Boards of directors or advisors can play a key role in plotting the course of young, fast-moving technology firms, balancing the ambition of their founders with a clear sense of what really drives success. As a member of the Executive Committee at SMTP, Inc. I take responsibility for strategy development and acquisitions, reporting to the Board of Directors.
By appointing me as Director or Advisor, you can benefit from my management experience for minimal cost. I'll offer focus insight and advice that you can use to guide management decisions in every area, giving you the reassurance that your chosen course is the right one.


Business Strategy

  • Nation-wide Wireless Projects Management (WiMAX, MW)
  • Company's budget planning activities (CAPEX, OPEX)
  • Tender documentation preparation (RFI, RFP)

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