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May 21, 20140 Comments
Improve Your Operations And Cut Costs By Outsourcing To Ukraine Technology Experts

In this global world it is important you attempt to keep your systems operational at all times while ensuring that your company is being cost-effective. Having 24 / 7 care of your IT infrastructure in the US can be expensive. Therefore you might need to look further afield to help supplement your support. The Ukraine…

May 05, 20141 Comments
Should Your Startup Use Amazon Web Services?

There is an ongoing debate on whether startup businesses should consider using public (e.g. Amazon Web Services) or private cloud (e.g. OpenStack) for technical infrastructure. It doesn’t take long to search online to find the successes and failings on both sides of the fence. As in most cases, the answer of which to use is…

November 27, 20130 Comments
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