Improve Your Operations And Cut Costs By Outsourcing To Ukraine Technology Experts

May 21, 2014 — 0 Comments
In this global world it is important you attempt to keep your systems operational at all times while ensuring that your company is being cost-effective. Having 24 / 7 care of your IT infrastructure in the US can be expensive. Therefore you might need to look further afield to help supplement your support. The Ukraine has a wide range of individuals in IT that have extensive experience. And the benefit to your company is that cost of living and wages are significantly lower than they are in the United States. For example the average yearly salary for System Administrators in San Francisco is $92,000. In contrast the average yearly salary in Kiev, Ukraine is $21,900. So you can see the benefits this could potentially have for your business. Experienced Technology Experts In Kiev   The difference in cost cannot be explained by a lack of experience. Technology experts in Kiev often have extensive experience with some working as a systems administrator for over five years. The average experience in this role is about 3 years 4 months. One reason for the disparity between the costs can be attributed to the value of the US Dollar to that of the local currency, which is pegged at 5:1. While the cost of the average system administrator may seem less in the Ukraine, in local terms they are achieving the equivalent wage. The Future Of Technology Expert Wages In The US   The average salary in San Francisco has declined for System Administrators; about a year ago it was approximately $98,000 and over $100,000 two years ago. Salaries for system administrators in San Francisco have seen a couple of sharp declines over the past couple of years and at this moment, the expected salary for the average San Francisco Systems Administrator is at its lowest. But businesses can expect that salaries in San Francisco will likely increase again in the future as the economy improves.   The Time Difference Provides Added Value   There is one very important benefit to your company, besides cost, to working with technology experts in Ukraine: you can have 24/7 operations without forcing any employee to work at night. This is because the time difference between the Ukraine and the US Pacific Time Zone is 10 hours (7 hours for the US Eastern Time Zone). Of course this does present some implementation problems to overcome - mainly that the arrangement between you and your Ukrainian operators won’t just work. There needs to be a desire from both sides to make the process effective. Communications are going to be the biggest problem and therefore some compromise will need to be taken. For example, you will need to have regular meetings over the net to synchronize operations, to do this you must both agree who will be starting work and who will leaving late. This can of course be switched around at the next meeting to make it fair – but you both need to consider that there needs to be some flexibility in the time difference. There might even be some confusion when words and meanings are lost in translation. Even though many Ukrainians do speak English and can do so very well, it doesn’t mean they will get all the cultural references or local dialects which can exist. Therefore it is important that you keeping things simple and ensure they understand you. Final Thoughts   Working with a technical team in Ukraine can benefit your business significantly, offering your business unparalleled coverage and reducing your overheads – giving you greater flexibility with your budget. Take Action   Assess the cost savings and operational bonuses you can make from investing in Ukrainian support.

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